Supporting the transformation of the student experience

Recognizing the needs of the campus community, UC Berkeley has made a strategic decision to replace its constellation of aging, disparate, and internally built and maintained student systems with a modern, nimble and effective vendor-supported system that will include admissions, enrollment, registration, financial aid, student accounts, and advising. The SIS Project has strong support from students, faculty, staff and campus leadership and is seen as one of the highest administrative priorities on our campus.  


The Case for Change

The current SIS is greatly hampering the ability to provide efficient service to students creating financial, registration, course planning, and advisement issues that result in unneeded expense and delayed graduation. The aging SIS system is also a pain point for the faculty who are unable to adequately manage the basic issues around course management. The current labor intensive solutions take precious time away from faculty and staff. To get a sense of the compelling case for change and understand the scope and complexity of this project view an overview diagram of existing systems.

(Select diagram to see a larger version of the system we are replacing)

Current System Map

The new SIS will be able to prompt students when they are in the “warning zone” for financial or academic issues. It will empower students to create course plans to ensure timely graduation. It will free them from the frustration of the Telebears process.

Faculty will be liberated from the tedious manual tasks that they are now forced to do. This new found efficiency will enable them to focus more on advisement and other student services. They will also be supplied with new information that will empower them to make informed decisions based on data.


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UCB’s Student Information Systems will enable the transformation of the student experience by delivering a single, easy-to-use point of access to student services, by supporting faculty in managing courses, and by cultivating for staff a rewarding work environment that is less transactional and more service-oriented. The platform for this transformation is an integrated set of best-of-breed tools, technology and processes that is nimble, scalable and sustainable.

We encourage you to become involved as we build the new system together.


To increase student, faculty, and staff satisfaction with the admissions, enrollment, registration, financial aid, billing and payment, and advising processes, and the portal, by providing current tools and technology that are convenient to access, easy to use, and provide a unified user experience.

To deliver tools and technology that enable innovation in supporting students, staff and faculty, and that are sustainable (vendor-supported, easily iterated, cost-effective and eliminates repetitive systems and interfaces), secure (enable FERPA compliance), and scalable (provide a platform for future innovation and systems integration). The technology will allow the University to effectively continue development of the systems to serve the community in the future expansion of services.

To support the development of a high-performance culture that helps staff to do their best work through current tools and technologies, streamlined processes, and training.


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Executive Steering Committee

  • Larry Conrad, Associate Vice Chancellor, Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

  • Cathy Koshland, Vice Chancellor, Undergraduate Education

  • Steve Sutton, Interim Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs

  • Fiona Doyle, Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Dean of the Graduate Division

Steering Council


  • Fiona Doyle, Dean, Graduate Division

  • Bob Jacobsen, Interim Dean of Undergraduate Studies in the College of Letters and Science and Professor of Physics


  • Anne De Luca, Associate Vice Chancellor, Admissions and Enrollment

  • Joyce Sturm, Director, Financial Operations

  • Andrea Dooley, Assistant Vice Chancellor & Chief of Staff, Student Affairs

  • Lyle Nevels, Deputy CIO, Information Services and Technology

  • Jenn Stringer, Associate CIO, Educational Technology Services

  • Rachelle Feldman, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Director, Financial Aid and Scholarships Office

Senior Project Executive

  • Angela Blackstone – Senior Project Executive SIS Project

Executive Director

  • Patrick Furze, Executive Director SIS Project  

Sierra-Cedar Executive Team

  • Todd McElroy, Sierra-Cedar Executive

  • Vicky Cleary, Sierra-Cedar Executive

  • Wendy WIlliams, Sierra-Cedar Account Manager

  • Steven Kish, Sierra-Cedar Executive

Communications Manager

  • Mariana Corzo, Communications Manager, SIS Project

Organizational Change Management Lead

  • Andreas Pinterits, Change Management Lead, SIS Project

Project Implementation Director

  • Karen Kato, Project Implementation Director

Project Manager

  • Kim Roberts, Project Manager - Sierra-Cedar

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