Will the CS delivered 'Single Vendor ID' approach be used for processing CS student refunds?

Student Financials
March 30, 2015


Student Financials met with business partner to discuss decision and it was decided that the single vendor ID approach will not be used.

The delivered integration utilizes a process where all student refunds are generated with generic vendor ID’s (one for direct deposit and one for checks).  Today, a unique vendor ID is automatically created in AP for each student when their student record is created. If we stopped this vendoring process for CS refunds, a need would still exist to create unique student vendor ID’s for non-CS refunds. Handling vendor ID’s one way for CS refunds and another way for non-CS refunds would be confusing and not support best practices.


Unique student vendor ID’s will still need to be created for campus departments reimbursing students for Non-CS refunds (i.e., travel and entertainment, etc.). Currently, over 13k vouchers are generated on an annual basis. The single vendor ID approach would cause undue hardship to campus departments and the AP vendor desk.

Next Steps: Student Financials will create functional specs for this process. Include regular address syncing requirement from CS to AP.

For more information: Proposal Document

Monday, March 30, 2015