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The Steering Council is populated by high level subject matter experts who have direct functional interests in the SIS Project. Critical decisions and recommendations on the SIS Project’s scope, structure, and budget will be answered by the Steering Council. 


Steering Council Decisions

Will UC Berkeley implement the Third Party Contract (TPC) functionality available in Campus Solutions for the Sponsored Student Program (SSP)?


Yes - SF will use the delivered TPC functionality to manage SSP.

On 01/22/15, the business partner Joyce Sturm discussed this topic briefly with Controller Delphine Regalia. We agreed to support Option 1 based on the guiding principles:

Graduate Professional School Admission Integration Strategy

January 5, 2015

GradAdm and DB2 will be replaced with Campus Solutions, see diagram in "Graduate Professional School Integration" support documentation.  Future of Jazzee and GradLink/GLOW and what new admits see during SIR process out of scope for this decision.

GradAdm has already been identified as "an area for improvement" by stakeholdersl. Minimal business process changes. Addresses pain-points related to Early-start programs, Reporting, Quality Control, Self-service transactions. Turn-around time for communications, identity management. Phased integration and later decision about use of Slate.

Haas request to modify the fee structure EWMBA in legacy SIS

Student Records
November 4, 2014

Not Approved.  Requirements to be included in appropriate IDP sessions.

Change would have to be rationalized again in 2016, much work, limited utility for a year with high cost, work would have to be done twice. Change would have impact beyond IT staff.