Financial Aid Team Weekly Updates

Coming Up:
  • 17-18 ISIR loading into PRD
  • Regression testing begins for PT patch
  • Summer configuration continuing/cross-functional efforts
  • Emergency Loan check printing software infrastructure set up...testing in lower environments.
  • Award Entry: researching best practice for Summer awards to students without Summer budgets
  • Summer Tuition calc planning with SF, OR and SS
  • Knowledge transfer from Ellen efforts continues (Cal Grant, MCS, SAP, Unapplied, etc. ) 
  • Completed Cal Grant bug identified and being worked on.
  • Cal Grant QBU blocker work: still needs testing to be able to move up to PRD.
  • Packaging and general CS Training for FASO staff continues-Fall cleanup in preparation for Spring 2017
  • Continued Disbursement in PRD ~$299 Million
  • 2017-18 Aid Year Set Up/configuration continues
  • Finalizing Cal Central designs for Loan History card and Summer card
  • Expanded CS Security roles for CSC updated and granted
  • Cal Grant payment roster finalization



Thursday, February 2, 2017