Records Team Weekly Updates

Meeting Outcomes:
  • Meeting/Training with CSC staff for Transcripts
  • Meeting/Training with OR – Records staff (bring them up to speed on all things CS)
  • Triage/Testing/Managing:
    • Law Units Process Abending
    • Law Template Fixes
    • Buffer Errors for STDNT_CAREER missing
    • Library Holds processing in CS
    • Data fixes to converted data
  • Meeting with Law regarding missing conversion data
  • Meeting with OR transcript team regarding how to move forward with data cleanup
  • 7.4 Cutover activities
    •  Validation of functions
    •  Application of Sis to converted data for Transcript prep
    • Processing of Law Units (encountered the error – mentioned above); Reprocessing after fix into production
  • Service Now ticket meeting with team
  • Fall 2016 repeat processing, repeat reporting, repeat cleanup
  • Fall 2016 academic standing processing, reporting and cleanup
  • Fall 2016 term honors processing, reporting and cleanup
  • Prepare Summer UAT accounts, tokens and other data
  • Credentials Configuration
  • Develop Summer Test Plans
  • GL7.4d: UAT for Summer Session
  • QBUs Job Schedule - Summer Session
  • SIS & Advising Directors - Planning to address APR/Administrative Transcript practices and solutions
  • Discuss ftp to Slate issues
  • Transcripts Checkin
  • Programs Slate Check-In
  • Review new IDM process
  • Summer 2017 review 
  • QBU 14 step continuing Run Control process
  • SIS Weekly with summer
  • Academic Room Change form meetings
  • X25 Review/Training with OR
  • Training Team document reviews


Friday, January 20, 2017