Records Team Weekly Updates

Meeting Outcomes:
  • CMS>CS Updates from COCI approvals on 1/13 and rest of catch up 
  • Updated CMS>CS documentation
  • Scheduling and enrollment responsibilities/tasks list for OR
  • Edited enrollment FAQs for SIS website
  • Summer SF/FA configurations
  • Test Slate->iHub->CS->IDM processes
  • CPP eForm - Review issues with effective dating on CPP Stack
  • Program's Team Slate Training
  • SR/AA batch update process review
  • UCOP report updates - check-in
  • Official Transcript (for now, it is in production)
  • Summer Programs Slate Training
  • Summer Slate Integration and new IDM Integration 
  • CPP eform update meeting 
  • Weekly knowledge transfer meetings with: OR- Records staff ; Law Registrar and IT staff
  • College Scheduler BPG
  • Basic X25 settings for OR
  • Change request eform review/work 
  • Time conflict requests (700++)
  • Service Now Tickets (too many as well)
  • Student group and service indicator security template for OR and CSC staff, for security to mirror.
  • Credit Bucket Testing
  • SF/FA Summer testing and configuration
  • Summer Slate Updates 



Monday, January 23, 2017