Student Financials Team Weekly Updates

Meeting Outcomes:
1) 2/1 Summer enrollments & tuition calculation began ($7+M assessed as of 2/2).  
Ongoing configuration and testing will need to occur for SSDP, withdrawals, cancellation, CRBKT, etc. after 2/1.
2) SF/FA testing configuration changes to CPL; add'l testing required.
3) Continue to collaborate with BPS leadership on weekly priorities and assignments (i.e., collections, departmental query requests, project deliverables & operational needs)
4) SF also spent time preparing regression test scripts for patch, upgrade and bundle; admission items for 2178, new & on-going security requests, service now tickets, user requests for
CS information, communications, etc.
5) Resources dedicated to resolve TPC items with partner office.
Coming Up:
1. 1098T processing in production (end of January)
2. Summer 2017 fee assessments (February 1); continued work to finish config before May.
3. 2178 admissions activities
4. New PDST SSGPDP programs for 2178 that will need t-calc configuration review for implementation.
5. 9.2 Upgrade, Bundle Release and Patch



Thursday, February 2, 2017